Wife Approved Wood stands and amplified stands custom built to look as good as the instruments they support

Designed for Individual guitar models and Universal Electric or Acoustic

Please go to link below to see more pictures of our products/ You don't need to sign in or be a member to view


Stands Patent# 6,891,099                      Amp/Stand  Patent# 8,055,008


Not Just Stands are Functional Works of Art

$$-We will even build you a Super Custom $1000.00 Guitar Stand if that is what you are looking for

Order your custom guitar stand now for as little as $75.00 + shipping by calling Larry at (972)625-4584

Click on this link to see Eddy Van Halen's custom Not Just Stands stand at his 5150 studio during a CNN interview. Go to the 3:44 minute mark



Short list of Great guitarist that I have built stands for- "The" Les Paul, Buddy Guy, Ted Nugent, Eddy Van Halen, Zakk Wylde, Johnny Hiland, George Lynch, Chris Duarte, Rocky Athas.

*Priced way too low for all wood hand made construction

$$- 3/4" Cabinet grade laminate with solid wood attachments from $75.00 (Guitar Stand)

3/4" Solid hardwood from $100.00 (Guitar Stand)

JamStand cabinets from $150 for cabinet grade laminate and solid hardwood from only $200.00

________NEW PRODUCT__________

* Finger Flat - Custom Guitar Picks*

These Patent applied for guitar picks stay on your finger and in perfect picking position all by themselves, solving pick slippage.

Short demo video       http://youtu.be/QEH45h4C728

Ask about wholesale counter top display and bulk pricing

Order direct at     •This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it•

Like us on Facebook at


Maple Stands

Custom lazer etching available at additional cost.

Our shop is now CNC equipped, so if you need large quantities of any of our products, we are prepared to build them for you

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