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I receive letters from almost everyone that purchases a product from me and they are all very complimentary, here are just a few.

Larry, WOW!


I am blown away!  This creation of yours is beautiful!! I just unboxed it and I was floored. I looked at it and didn’t give a damn what it sounded like because it is pure art. But it sounds great. This amp stand is AWESOME! Thanks for building it for me at such a reasonable price.  For future reference, any price that you ask for anything similar to this amp stand would be worth paying. Thanks again I LOVE IT!




-Danny C , from California


~Tyrone T, Illinois

The JamStand was waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday. I unpacked it and plugged it in and starting playing. It looks great and it sounds great and more importantly my wife doesn’t object to it being in the family room. It looks like a piece of furniture, not an amp. It’s great Larry, I am very satisfied.


~Johnny Highland

"I am very proud to be using these beautiful stands in my home and studio. I own some awesome PRS guitars, and I feel better knowing they are protected and displayed the right way. When you have high-end guitars, you will definitely not leave them in cases now. Larry Davis has created masterpieces in these stands. I recommend that you get yours today!!!!!" -- JOHNNY HILAND

"Larry has designed the perfect home rig for guitarists. He has made me a beautiful amp stand that keeps my PRS protected in the stand, and houses my little Roland Micro-Cube all at the same time. This is all contained in one stand that looks great in your home, and provides an effective way to keep your guitar and amp together for easy access. Order yours today, and I promise that you'll love it!!!! -- JOHNNY HILAND


Hi, Larry.
I gave the stand to my husband on Sunday on his birthday and he was completely blown away - not just by the unexpected gift, but also by the beauty of the stand. As he was admiring it, he realized that it was shaped like his Gibson ES339 and got even more excited. He's also really happy that it's a tube amp. It really is a beautiful piece. When you emailed the photos, I was afraid that the red was too orangey, but it's perfect. Mike blogged about his birthday surprise here: http://www.flyingthekoop.com/2013/10/07/birthday-surprise/

Donna Smallin

Hi Larry,


Just wanted you to know we're thrilled with the stand you made. It is a wonderful piece of art, beautiful and practical. Thank you!

The enclosed pictures of the stand are taken in our home in Norway. Perfect for our daughter's Yamaha LL36.

Ordered it to a US address through Amazon and brought it to Norway in a guitar bag.


Kind regards,

Inge Gran

Hi Larry,
Got the stand and really like it.  It looks great in our den and my guitar is happy!
Thank you,
Chris Neill , Nova Scotia


Larry Davis

Phone: 972-625-4584

Email: notjuststands@att.net

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