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How Guitar Shaped Guitar Stands came to be
By Larry Davis

I love guitars. I love the way they look. I especially love the way each one of them has a different sound, feel, and intended purpose. I enjoy having different guitars in every room, so there is always a guitar close by, just in case. The problem was, my wife hated having those cheap looking, tubular metal guitar stands in every room. In addition to that, they were easy to knock over, and had only one style, cheap.

I had been building custom furniture for several years, and had even built a couple of guitars, so I set out to build a better, more attractive guitar stand. I decided to make each guitar stand unique to the guitar it would support, and that is how I ended up with guitar shaped guitar stands. Also, I didn’t like having any pressure on the necks of my guitars, so it was important that the support should come from the body, and the lean- to design just came naturally. By placing the guitar rest as far apart as I could on front legs that are wider than the guitar body, and covering them with suede leather, gravity keeps the guitar from sliding side to side. The new skeleton design makes these stands lightweight, and the H style back leg makes these stands sturdy enough, that the only way they get knocked over, is if someone is doing it intentionally. Guitar Shaped Guitar Stands now carry a U.S patent #6,891,099

The Jamstand came later, when a friend suggested that if I could figure out how to put an amplifier in one of those stands, I would really be on to something. If I was going to put an amp in a stand, I wanted it to sound good, and not cost too much, so the search was on to find the right amp for this application. It took some time, but I finally decide on the Kustom tube 12. It has 12 watts of power with a 12AX7 tube in the pre-amp, and an 8” Celestian Super 8 speaker. With crisp, bright clear tones it works great for acoustic and jazz music. The gain allows you to go from blues to heavy metal easily, all with that great tube tone that only a real tube amp can give you.

In conclusion, I am very proud of the designs that I ended up with after several years of improvements, and I do my absolute best to ensure that every single person that purchases one of the products I build will be as proud of their guitar stand or Jamstand as I am. I also build custom products like the Jeff Abbott signature model keytar case retrofit for the Roland AX-1 keytar. So, if you have been looking for someone to build you a custom product that you can’t find anywhere, let’s talk.

Thank You for your time
Larry Davis
Not Just Stands



Larry Davis

Phone: 972-625-4584

Email: notjuststands@att.net

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